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Acquisition Blueprint

Part 1: The Only Way to True Riches is to Buy Proven, Cashflow-Producing Companies

  • Everything I'd Do Differently If I Was Starting In 2020
  • How Important is the Adage "Perception is Reality" in 2020???
  • Important Update Regarding Current Events
  • Business Buying Guide: A to Z
  • The Way to Riches is to Buy Proven, Cash-flow Producing Companies...

Part 2: Picking an Industry & Crafting an Investment Thesis

  • How to Avoid Picking the Wrong Industry – And How to Pick the Right One
  • How I Chose an Industry… (Legit Look Inside My Brain)
  • More Key Variables to Consider When Picking an Industry

Part 3: Recruit a Board Full of Heavy Hitters

  • How to Recruit an ELITE Board..
  • How to CLOSE Board Positions w/ Heavy Hitters..
  • MOST IMPORTANT Question You’ll Be Asked Other Than Your Investment Thesis..
  • Important Distinction: Board of Directors vs. Advisory Board
  • Extra Tips on How to Recruit World-Class Talent & Build a World-Class Organization..

Part 4: Get a Top Accounting Firm w/ Ease on a Success-Fee Basis

  • HOW.?.?

Part 5: Protect You and Your Team w/ a Badass Law Firm

  • How to Recruit a Top Law Firm on a Success-Fee Basis
  • How to LOCK DOWN Your Law Firm

Part 6: Fill Your Pipeline w/ Deal Flow So You're in Control and How to Win Negotiations

  • 7 Ways to Find Deal Flow
  • Deal Flow 101
  • Negotiation: What To Do When Asked the Tough Questions
  • Traits of Tough Negotiators – Buy a Business On Your Own Terms!
  • Blow the “Proof of Funds?” Questions Out of the Water With This Strategy!
  • Off-Market vs. On-Market Deal Flow

Part 7: Watch These Videos If You Wan't To Get Your Acquisition Financed!!

  • Finance 101 – Birds Eye View
  • Key Finance Terms You Need to Know
  • 4 Keys to Secure Bank Debt (Even When You Get Pushback)
  • Inside the Bank’s Brain AND a Live Call w/ a Banker
  • 100% Seller Finance Truths vs. Myths
  • 100% Seller Finance Truths vs. Myths Part 2
  • One of the Best Deal Structures for Acquisitions (Turning 100k into a 2M Acquisition)
  • It’s a Numbers Game w/ EVERYTHING – Banks Are No Different.
  • Buying a Business w/ Bad Credit.
  • The Crown Jewel of Small Cap Business Acquisitions.
  • How to Fundraise Equity for Your Acquisition.
  • Jedi Secret to Fundraise Equity for an Acquisition That Hardly Anyone Knows.
  • How to Analyze the Financials of a Potential Acquisition Target

Part 8: Scaling, General Tips, and Hindsight After Our First Deal

  • How I’d Do My First Deal If I Could Start Over.
  • Operations, Delegation, Scaling, and Leading.
  • 5 TRAPS that Cause Acquisitions Entrepreneurs to FAIL.

Part 9: Live Calls

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3

Part 10: Case Studies / How to Value Companies

  • Case Study – Exploring Brighter Living’s 7-Figure Nebraska Deal (how it happened)
  • How I Bought a $1.275 Million Dollar Biz at age 27.
  • The Math of Making Money Buying Proven Companies.
  • Case Study: A 3.9 Million Dollar Healthcare Deal w/ Seller Finance.
  • Case Study: 1 Million Dollar Acquisition of a Service-Based Business.
  • Case Study: Comparing a 4.6M Real Estate Deal With a 2.3M Service-Based Business.
  • Buying a $1.5m Landscaping Business – Case Study
  • Analyzing a Mobile Home Park Deal (Real Estate Case Study)

Part 11: The ONLY Due Diligence Checklist You'll Ever Need To Stop You From Doing a Bad Deal.

  • Download checklist here